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CXO Tech Forum Underway

GovernmentCIO Magazine’s first CXO Tech Forum on health IT is live! The room is full of government and industry tech-minded leaders eager to learn about the technological issues facing government agencies.

The forum kicks off with a one-on-one interview with Congressman Gerry Connolly, followed by a health IT panel with FDA CIO Todd Simpson and HHS CIO Beth Killoran, and a chat with HHS blockchain advocate Debbie Bucci. We conclude with a fireside chat with the CEO of Inova Center for Personalized Health, Todd Stottlemyer. 

Veterans Embrace Virtual Therapists… And Other News You May Have Missed

Veterans Embrace Virtual Therapists

Service members are more likely to open up about PTSD symptoms to a virtual interviewer, rather than on Post-Deployment Health Assessment surveys, according to Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency-funded findings published in Frontiers in Robotics and AI. The virtual therapist is an artificially intelligent avatar rendered in 3-D on a TV screen.

Eye on AI: The Other Kinds of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is seemingly everywhere these days, from self-driving cars and virtual assistants to medical innovations. References to AI are so pervasive, it also seems to have different names. Depending on the project at hand, you might hear talk of machine learning, deep learning or cognitive computing, all of which produce a kind of “thinking machine.” But while those terms sometimes get used interchangeably, they’re not exactly the same thing.

Facial Recognition Tech Could Change the Way You Shop... and Other News You May Have Missed

If you thought AI-based online targeted advertisements were invasive, soon your face — not only your search behavior — could alter the way you shop.

For example, if you’re at an electronics store looking at TVs and were scanned by store cameras using facial recognition software, that data could be cross-referenced with other databases that already have your facial data for retargeting campaigns. Your smart TV could start showing you commercials for the types of electronics you were looking at in the store, or avoid doing so if it was a different brand.

Crazy Things Cities Do to Woo Amazon… And Other News You May Have Missed

Connecting Public Health with Blockchain

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are exploring proofs of concept based on blockchain technology to better manage health data during a crisis, or to track opioid abuse. Most of these proofs focus on better public health surveillance.

The initiative, led by Jim Nasr, chief software architect at CDC’s Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services, intends to turn these proofs into real applications next year.

How Do You Convert Remaining Cloud Skeptics?

Despite recent years’ focus on moving federal agencies to the cloud, a relatively small number has made that transition, according to one government technologist.

“Probably if I were to guess as to how far we are with actual adoption of cloud, we’re probably like less than 10 percent across the federal space,” said Federal Communication Commission Chief Information Officer David Bray, speaking at the Agriculture Department’s Sept. 26 Combined Cloud Computing Conversation event.

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