You’ve heard of “Shark Tank,” where would-be entrepreneurs with great ideas compete for cash before a cutthroat panel of investors and busin

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Members of the public aren’t always pleased with the quality of their city’s infrastructure, but the majority fails to submit requests for fmore
NASA is taking a stab at lower-altitude airspace. It recently contracted Uber to develop software for managing flying taxi routes similar tomore
The National Institutes of Health, the Veterans Affairs Department and other agencies are making progress on an ambitious research project amore

Manager says 'Jeff, a database of takeout menus is not a rousing blockchain success.'

Technology itself creates an inevitable generational gap, as it’s been ubiquitous for most teenagers and twentysomethings growing up as digi

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Cybersecurity news in recent weeks highlighted the accelerating cycle of attack and counterattack that goes on in the alleyways of the web.more
The federal agency responsible for housing and protecting hundreds of millions of Americans' most sensitive health data spends less on cybermore
The sustained high frequency of successful cyberattacks against corporations and government agencies has made one thing clear: Perimeter-cenmore

Federal IT modernization is a work in progress, requiring leadership buy in, acquisition reform and a culture change — but adopting cloud se

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Executives know the importance of improving customer experience and moving toward the day when all strategies, plans and tactics align to enmore
If you follow the trail of any trend in government IT, you will ultimately arrive at the same place that will determine your relative succesmore
The Agile Advocate is a series of thoughts or musings on the agile movement and DevOps in particular. It was motivated by the seminal work omore


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